Video Stabilization: Improve Image Quality and Send Video Faster


Anyone who has used a handheld video camera knows how hard it is to keep steady. A mild cough can turn footage from a kid’s soccer game into an amusement park ride. Now imagine mounting that camera onto a police cruiser or a 20,000-foot-high unmanned aircraft. These scenarios often result in distorted video that is hard to interpret and very difficult to send.

Analog Camera Modules

The compact, bare design of analog camera modules makes them perfect for systems that require real-time video but do not offer a lot of space. Unfortunately, these applications often produce shaky video.

Video Quality and Transmission

Since these cameras are often mounted on remote and mobile platforms, users rely heavily on the systems’ ability to seamlessly relay real-time video. Shaky video not only affects image quality, it reduces the effectiveness of video compression—causing major issues with transmission.

Solution: Acadia ILS-5000-SD

SRI’s Acadia® ILS-5000-SD™ improves the performance of analog camera modules by counteracting the effects of shake and vibration. This real-time electronic image stabilizer (EIS) corrects for unwanted vertical, horizontal, and rotational motion across a wide range of shake frequencies.

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