SRI Ventures Startup Decoded Health Launches Telehealth App Powered by Explainable AI to Meet Demand Surge Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic


New app improves health outcomes and accessibility through its “Virtual Medical Resident” to augment physicians seeking to reach more patients in need with telemedicine.

MENLO PARK, CA. APRIL 29, 2020 – SRI Ventures, the corporate venture arm of SRI International, announced the release of Decoded Health’s first telehealth app that uses explainable artificial intelligence technology to automate patient communication, and generate real-time, personalized, clinical recommendations for providers. By leveraging advanced machine learning and explainable AI, Decoded Health improves the capacity and quality of primary and urgent care. The mobile app can be used to assess any patient concern, including common illnesses such as the flu, as well as new illnesses such as the rapidly growing novel coronavirus pandemic.

“We know that the shortage and lack of accessibility to primary healthcare, especially during this COVID-19 crisis, could be detrimental to the overall well-being of our nation,“ says Mark Hanson, CEO of Decoded Health. “Our new platform provides a unique synthesis of virtual and physical care that personalizes care for each patient and allows some of the physician’s work to be automated, increasing their productivity and serving as a force multiplier to physicians.”

Decoded Health has partnered with Vituity, a physician-owned and led partnership and one of the country’s largest acute care management and staffing groups, to manage telehealth through Decoded Health’s platform, for over 1.25 million patients in California. Patients are able to get immediate access to Board-certified physicians by downloading  “Vituity On Duty,” which can be found on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With its unique advanced analytics capabilities, Decoded Health can bring about tremendous efficiencies in healthcare for both telemedicine and in-person practices.

SRI Ventures has a reputation for capitalizing on breakthrough – or deep – technologies to develop some of the most recognizable technologies in the world. “Integrating explanation into deep neural nets without sacrificing their inherent capabilities is critical to rapid adoption in any expert-driven field, and medicine is no exception,” says Manish Kothari, President of SRI. “Decoded Health will be the first telehealth solution that leverages explainable AI and machine learning to provide an inherently more intuitive and efficient platform for telehealth. The work is deeply aligned with SRI’s core mission and we are excited to be part of Decoded Health.”

“Vituity is proud to partner with Decoded Health, and bring our more than forty-five years of healthcare success to a broad pool of patients during this critical time. This expansion of care will deliver expedited and safe access to expert providers, inside and outside the hospital,” says Rick Newell, MD, Chief Transformation Officer for Vituity.

Decoded Health leverages AI technology to collect and interpret data and patient documentation to save time for both patient and physician, and to help physicians make better informed recommendations. Decoded Health AI technology elicits patient symptoms, maps natural language documentation into computable forms, and finds key patterns in large data sets in order to present physicians with a grounded, organized assessment of patient disease possibilities. The physician can then choose a course of action driven by patient data to deliver the highly personalized care necessary for superior health outcomes. In essence, Decoded Health has created an intelligent virtual medical resident to serve as a force multiplier for  existing physicians.

“In the American medical education system, attending physicians supervise multiple residents, who do the work of patient care guided by the attending’s judgment and expertise,” says Dr. Brent Sugimoto, family physician and Chief Medical Officer of Decoded Health. “Using the Decoded Health platform as a virtual medical resident, physicians have a powerful tool to help exponentially more patients than was ever possible.  The crushing need from COVID-19 has shown that telehealth has a scale problem. Decoded Health is proud its solution can increase telehealth capacity and help the nation defeat the pandemic.”

As of last year, SRI Ventures has launched over 60 ventures with a total market capitalization exceeding $20 billion. After years of successful completed projects, SRI Ventures has created a process to create deep technology ventures from concept generation through market development, team building, technology transition, partner identification, seed funding, and launch.

The founding team of Decoded Health brings together over 60 years of collective experience in clinical healthcare delivery, machine learning and health IT systems development. The team comes from organizations that have been at the forefront of technology and medicine including: Kaiser Permanente, Orion Health, Discovery Health, Rincon Research, SRI International and Nuance Communications. Decoded Health is leveraging this experience along with exclusive technology to build a product that fundamentally changes the way healthcare is delivered throughout the world.

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