SRI International & SparkLabs Foundry Announce Strategic Global Partnership

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SRI and SparkLabs Foundry join forces to deliver comprehensive innovation services to multinational corporations and government agencies

SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) MARCH 09, 2020 – SRI International ( will collaborate with SparkLabs Foundry ( to help The Forbes’ Global 2000 and government agencies dramatically accelerate and improve their innovation programs and initiatives. The two industry-leading companies are teaming up to help global multinational corporations and government agencies identify, curate and quickly pilot those technology and service companies which are most suited to achieve their innovation goals.

“SRI has been on the forefront of global innovation for more than 70 years,” said Peter Marcotullio, VP Global Partnerships at SRI International. “And yet, even with the many hundreds of government and commercial projects we work on every year, we are still challenged at times to help our customers to rapidly identify, evaluate and develop the solutions to solve their innovation needs. By collaborating with SparkLabs Foundry, we are now able to offer solutions that enhance SRI’s technology portfolio with the most appropriate startups, curated by SparkLabs Foundry, to quickly and cost effectively deploy solutions for our global customers.”

According to a recent CB Insights survey of corporate innovation executives, 85% said “innovation” is very important to their organizations but over 60% of companies also say it takes a year or longer to create new products, with almost one-fourth saying it takes over two years from ideation to launch. This “paralyzation of innovation” is the core problem SRI and SparkLabs Foundry are working together to solve.

“This partnership with SRI addresses the very common problem most Chief Innovation Officers experience throughout the year,” said Scott Sorochak, Co-Founder and CEO of SparkLabs Foundry. “The paralyzation of innovation that occurs in most companies stifles their ability to achieve quarterly and even yearly objectives. We are looking forward to working with SRI in helping multinational corporations and government agencies quickly identify, curate and deploy solutions in weeks, rather than quarters and years.”

Like SRI International, SparkLabs Foundry has an extensive global reach throughout the U.S. and Asia-Pacific markets and plan to expand to other regions in 2020.

About SRI International
Based in the United States, SRI International is the birthplace of some of Silicon Valley’s most important innovations in advanced technology & systems, biosciences, computing and education. It has had a major influence on modern life for over 70 years, including inventing the first computer mouse and establishing the world’s first Internet connection. SRI brings its innovations to the global marketplace through technology licensing, spin-off ventures and new product solutions.

About SparkLabs Foundry
Based in San Francisco, Singapore and Seoul, SparkLabs Foundry provides strategic consulting and a real-time global platform of nearly one million startups to help The Forbes Global 2000 curate and deploy the best innovation partnerships and solutions from around the world. With a global footprint and team of seasoned and experienced leaders from both the startup and corporate community, SparkLabs Foundry is helping companies dramatically accelerate their innovation programs and initiatives to stay ahead of the competition.

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