SRI internship program spotlights brightest up and coming minds


SRI’s interns work hand-in-hand with seasoned SRI experts on world-changing solutions

SRI is proud to bring in just over fifty interns for our 2020 Summer Intern Program. The program gives college students the unique opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge while gaining valuable real-world experience from hands-on projects and working alongside notable leaders in their respective fields.

This year posed a unique opportunity for SRI as we adapted the program around COVID-19 challenges. Divisions made adjustments to allow the majority of interns to work from home and in some cases, safely on-site. With so many interns at home we quickly pivoted to an online format for all events. The events are a combination of technical presentations/conversations and social events for the interns to be able to interact and get to know each other. From photo challenges and virtual breaks to presentations about different projects within the organization and meeting with our CEO, the events provide educational (and fun!) opportunities for the interns outside of their respective groups.

SRI thanks our 2020 summer interns and appreciate their valuable contributions in helping us create world-changing solutions that make people safer, healthier, and more productive.

We’re excited to feature a few of our interns’ reactions on the summer program — check out some highlights below. If you’re interested in the intern program at SRI or looking for your next career opportunity, please check out our careers site at

Megan Barnes


Area of study/degree: PhD student in Computati​onal Linguistics at University of Washington
Quote: “I love solving ​language-centered problems with technology and using computational tools to better understand language. I was excited to intern at SRI because I had heard that the folks at STAR Lab were a as passionate about language as I was. This seems to be true!”

Anirudh Som


Area of study/degree: Machine Learning, Computer Vision Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University
Quote: “SRI offers interns a great mix of research and development projects to work on over the summer. As an organization I feel SRI is somewhere in between an academic institution and an industrial organization, thereby making it easier for graduate students like me to quickly get used to the internship setting in a short period of time. Apart from gaining valuable research experience, I also had the opportunity to interact and connect with other researchers at Computer Vision.”

William Bidle


Area of study/degree: Studying physics and mathematics at Rutgers University
Quote: “I’m passionate about my studies because they let me see the world in a new light, revealing many of the inner mechanisms that we take for granted in our daily lives. I decided to intern at SRI because there were many fascinating projects aligned with my interests, and I have been very eager to get some hands-on lab experience.”

Sashidhar Jakkamsetti


Area of study/degree: Pursuing PhD in Computer Science at University of California Irvine
Quote: “SRI is a great place to do research. Rather doing industrial based research like most other companies do, SRI undertakes innovative and creative projects which would have not been done otherwise. That is how SRI is part of many breakthroughs of the world like inventing internet and robotic surgeries. I am based in Computer Science Laboratory. I’m a returning intern, last year I could get a chance to interact with a lot of fellow interns during lunch and exchange ideas and thoughts. It was fun to meet new people working in different areas.”

Gabriela Cestero


Area of study/degree: Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt University
Quote: “I decided to intern at SRI because of the amazing research opportunities that are offered by the Bioscience Division’s lab in Harrisonburg, VA. I’m passionate about this area of study because it allows me to utilize my interests in science and math in order to help people and better their lives. I am very lucky, as COVID-19 hasn’t greatly impacted my internship. I have to wear a mask every day, but I am able to be on-site to do research in lab.”

Zhengyu Chen


Area of study/degree: PhD candidate major in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Quote: “I’m passionate about my major as it bridges the theory and real-world application. I’m glad to have the opportunity to do internship here in SRI. It’s a nice way to understand the bridge between research and application in real world.​”

Pritish Sahu

Area of study/degree: PhD in Machine Learning and Computer Vision
Quote: “In my opinion, SRI puts a lot of effort into research which in turn shapes the future. Working at SRI, with Ajay Divakaran and Karan Sikka in the CVT team will bring a great change in my working style, thinking style, which in turn will make me a better researcher.”

Faith Johnson

Faith Johnson SRI 2020 intern

Area of study/degree: Secondyear PhD student in computer engineering, with computer vision focus
Quote: “I decided to work at SRI because I admire the company’s dedication to research and drive to push science forward in a myriad of fields. ​I love that the field meshes the freedom of creativity with the technicality of science.”

Ryan Wagner


Area of study/degree: Pursuing undergrad in Biochemistry
Quote: “I decided to intern at SRI because I had such a great experience last summer, and I knew I could learn even more this summer. My ultimate goal is to go to medical school to be a neurologist. Neurology interests me the most because there is still so much for us to learn about how the brain works.”

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