Jesse Hostetler talks about lifelong learning in machines and getting robots to dream

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Jesse Hostetler joins host Reenita Hora to discuss lifelong learning as it relates to machine learning.

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Jesse Hostetler is an Advanced Computer Scientist in the Vision and Learning org at SRI International in Princeton, NJ. In this episode of The Dish TV they explore the different aspects of artificial intelligence, and creating robots that use sleep and dream states to prevent catastrophic forgetting.

Learn about how SRI is aiming to achieve common sense in robots and intelligent systems, as well as using human memory mechanisms to improve machine learning.

Lifelong Learning L2M program funded by DARPA. Joint work with Aswin Raghavan PI, Jesse Hostetler, Indranil Sur, Abrar Rahman.

SRI’s The Dish TV highlights the most special part of SRI—our people. Join host Reenita Hora, Head of Marketing and Communications, for casual conversations with guests from across our institute about what brought them to and keeps them at SRI, as well as the latest world-changing innovations to come out of their divisions. At SRI, we’re inventing a better future together.

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