Yunye Gong talks about applying physics-based models to deep learning

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Yunye Gong joins host Reenita Hora to discuss using statistical models to improve computer vision. Learn more at:

Yunye Gong is a Computer Scientist in the Vision and Learning org at SRI International in Princeton, NJ. In this episode of The Dish TV they discuss how SRI is distilling 3D structural information and temporal dynamic data about biological particles using still images captured with cryo-electron microscopy.

Learn how SRI is using microscopes to solve the problem of label scarcity in machine learning.

SRI’s The Dish TV highlights the most special part of SRI—our people. Join host Reenita Hora, Head of Marketing and Communications, for casual conversations with guests from across our institute about what brought them to and keeps them at SRI, as well as the latest world-changing innovations to come out of their divisions. At SRI, we’re inventing a better future together.

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