The Color Space & Monitor (CSM) Test Pattern Suite

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The Color Space & Monitor (CSM) Test Pattern Suite tests digital television transmission systems, processing chains, compression systems and displays. The suite tests for color space correctness and performance and reveals tradeoffs being made during conversion among various color spaces.

The CSM suite has been designed to reveal problems that may arise in color space processing including High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) systems. The test suite is an “eyes-only” design—it gives meaningful information without the use of specialized test gear. Simple observation is often sufficient.

Formats and Patterns

Patterns can be rendered in any resolution, frame rate, and color space. The suite includes the following patterns:

  • Full gamut pattern – Color chips between white and points on the 2020 or P3 gamut
  • Inter gamut pattern – Color chips between 709 and P3, and between P3 and 2020
  • Triple gamut pattern – Color chips around each of three gamut triangles
  • BT.2111 HDR color bars – Standard ITU color bars for HDR systems
  • Multi-gamut color bars – 709, P3 and 2020 color bars in a 2020 container
  • Color chips – Standard Color Checker plus gamma/EOTF tracking test
  • Dark chips – low-light dynamic range threshold test
  • Dark moons – low-light dynamic range gradient test
  • Color ramps – Rotating gradients in W,Y,C,G,M,R,B at various brightness ranges
  • Jacob’s ladder –Nit-calibrated stairsteps, 13 steps per decade, 9 decades, 50Knits to .005 nits
  • Nit Chip 100 – Ten small-area calibrated brightness patterns, 4000 nits to 1 nit.
  • Multispace – Reference images presented in eight color spaces in one image
  • UHDA 540/10 – Brightness tests for the UHDA compliance points
  • Faces – Multi-racial skin-tone references
  • Colored line pairs – Instant visual test of EOTF and gamut correctness
  • Tone Map – Makes display EOTF compromises visible
  • Tone Map APL – reveals display power limiting
  • Yellow Brick Road – Probes three-dimensional color volume

Multiple formats are available. Not all formats are included in all products.

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