AC3N: Anonymous communication in Content-Centric Networking


Tsudik, G.; Uzun, E.; Wood, C. AC3N: Anonymous communication in Content-Centric Networking. IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference


Content-Centric Networking (CCN) is an emerging (inter-)networking architecture with the goal of becoming an alternative to the IP-based Internet. To be considered a vi- able candidate, CCN must at least have parity with existing solutions for confidential and anonymous communication, e.g., TLS, tcpcrypt, and Tor. ANDa NA (Anonymous Named Data Networking Application) was the first proposed solution that addressed the lack of anonymous communication in Named Data Networking (NDN)a variant of CCN. However, its design and implementation led to performance issues that hinder practical use. In this paper we introduce AC3N: Anonymous Communica- tion for Content-Centric Networking. AC3N is an evolution of the ANDa NA system that supports high-throughput and low-latency anonymous content retrieval. We discuss the design and initial performance results of this new system.

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