A 50-kb Plasmid Rich in Mobile Gene Sequences Isolated from a Marine Micrococcus


Zhong Z, Caspi R, Mincer T, Helinski D, Knauf V, Boardman K, Wilkinson JE, Shea T, DeLoughery C, Toukdarian A. A 50-kb plasmid rich in mobile gene sequences isolated from a marine micrococcus.. Plasmid, vol. 47, no. 1, pp. 1-9, Jan 2002.


A 50,709-bp cryptic plasmid isolated from a marine Micrococcus has been sequenced and found to contain a number of putative mobile genetic elements. The coding regions for 11 putative transposases comprise approximately 17% of the total plasmid sequence. The majority of these transposases are located within a 13-kb cluster which includes a 1553-bp direct repeat consisting of a duplicated pair of transposase genes. The remaining putative ORFs showed similarity to a variety of proteins, the most notable being spider silk.

Keywords: marine sediment bacterium Micrococcus plasmid DNA sequence analysis transposase gene cluster.

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