A Case Study in Engineering a Knowledge Base for an Intelligent Personal Assistant



Chaudhri Vinay K., Cheyer Adam, Guili Richard, Jarrold Bill, Myers Karen L., Niekrasz John. A case study in engineering a knowledge base for an intelligent personal assistant, in Proceedings of the Semantic Desktop and Social Semantic Collaboration Workshop (SemDesk), Nov 2006.


We present a case study in engineering a large knowledge base (KB) to meet the requirements of a personal assistant. We designed the agent to function in an office environment to perform tasks such as managing emails, scheduling meetings, and performing tasks on behalf of its user. We discuss our KB development methodology and the engineering challenges we faced in the process. This case study advances the current state-of-the-art experience in engineering large KBs as seen in efforts such as Cyc, SUMO, and DOLCE.

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