A Robust Method for Tracking Scene Text in Video Imagery


Myers G. and Burns, J. B. A Robust Method for Tracking Scene Text in Video Imagery, in First International Workshop on Camera-Based Document Analysis and Recognition, Seoul, Korea, vol. 1, August 2005.


Text on planar surfaces in 3-D scenes in video imagery can undergo complex apparent motion and distortion as the surfaces move relative to the camera. Tracking such text and its motion through a contiguous sequence of video frames in which it is visible is desirable primarily for two reasons. First, reliable tracking of text enables the images of text persisting across multiple frames to be grouped, processed, and understood as a single unit. Second, text tracking aids the mapping of corresponding text and background pixels across multiple frames to enhance image quality and resolution before character recognition. Existing text tracking approaches, however, are limited to approximate pixel-based correspondences of adjacent frames without any explicit, rigorous modeling of 3-D scene geometry. To this end, we describe an approach that tracks planar regions of scene text that can undergo arbitrary 3-D rigid motion and scale changes. Our approach computes homographies on blocks of contiguous frames simultaneously using a combination of factorization and robust statistical methods. In spite of low resolution and noisy imagery, this approach produces a more accurate and stable motion estimate than existing methods using only two adjacent frames. In addition, our method is robust enough to tolerate imperfections in the spatial localization of text. Our results demonstrate that the mean offset pixel error of our tracker is as small as 1.1 pixels.

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