Active Coordination of Distributed Human Planners


Myers, K. L. and Jarvis, P. and Lee, T. Active Coordination of Distributed Human Planners. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Planning and Scheduling Systems, 2002.


Effective coordination of distributed human planners requires timely communication of relevant information to ensure the overall coherence of activities and the compatibility of assumptions. This paper presents a framework called CODA that provides targeted information dissemination among distributed human planners as a way of improving coordination. Within CODA, each planner declares interest in different types of plan change that could impact his or her local plan development. As individuals develop plans using a plan authoring tool, their activities are monitored; changes that match declared interests trigger automatic notification of appropriate planners. In this way, distributed planners can receive focused, real-time updates of plan changes that are relevant to their local planning efforts.

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