Asynchronous Dynamic Replanning in a Multiagent Planning Architecture


Wilkins, David E. and Myers, Karen L. Asynchronous Dynamic Replanning in a Multiagent Planning Architecture, in Advanced Planning Technology: Technological Achievements of the ARPA/Rome Laboratory Planning Initiative, AAAI Press, Menlo Park, CA, pp. 267-274, 1996.


We briefly describe the history of ARPI projects at SRI International. Our work on agents situated in dynamic and unpredictable environments is described in more detail. Such agents require several capabilities for successful operation, such as monitoring the world, responding appropriately to important events, accepting goals, synthesizing plans for achieving those goals, and executing the plans while continuing to be responsive to changes in the world. In addition, the agents should be able to replan as changes in the world render their plans obsolete, and to reason about uncertain information. The Cypress system is a domain-independent framework for defining persistent agents with this full range of behavior and has been used for several demanding applications, including military operations, real-time tracking and fault diagnosis. The Cypress technology will be incorporated in the Multiagent Planning Architecture, currently under development, which will provide a new architecture for large planning problems that require the coordinated efforts of distributed human and computer experts.

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