Computer-Mediated Collaborative Reasoning and Intelligence Analysis


Yeung, D. and Lowrance, J. Computer-Mediated Collaborative Reasoning and Intelligence Analysis, in Intelligence and Security Informatics, Proceedings of ISI-2006, Springer-Verlag, May 2006.


Problems of bias in intelligence analysis may be reduced by the use of web-based cognitive aids. We introduce a framework spanning the entire collaborative thought process using the Angler and SEAS (Structured Evidential Argumentation System) applications. Angler encourages creative brainstorming while SEAS demands analytical reasoning. The dual nature of this approach suggests substantial benefits from using computer-mediated collaborative and structured reasoning tools for intelligence analysis and policymaking.

Computer-mediated communication (CMC) may be impacted by many factors, including group dynamics and cultural and individual differences between participants. Based on empirical research, potential enhancements to Angler and SEAS are outlined, along with experiments to evaluate their worth. The proposed methodology may also be applied to assess the value of the suggested features to other such CMC tools.

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