Discovering Semantic Web Services Using Sparql and Intelligent Agents


Sbodio, M. L., Martin, D., & Moulin, C. (2010). Discovering Semantic Web services using SPARQL and intelligent agents. Journal of Web Semantics, 8(4), 310-328.


This paper describes a novel approach to the description and discovery of Semantic Web services. We propose SPARQL as a formal language to describe the preconditions and postconditions of services, as well as the goals of agents. In addition, we show that SPARQL query evaluation can be used to check the truth of preconditions in a given context, construct the postconditions that will result from the execution of a service in a context, and determine whether a service execution with those results will satisfy the goal of an agent. We also show how certain optimizations of these tasks can be implemented in our framework.

Keywords: Semantic Web services, Service discovery, SPARQL, Intelligent agents

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