EcoCyc: Encyclopedia of Escherichia coli genes and metabolism


Peter D. Karp, Monica Riley, Suzanne M. Paley, Alida Pellegrini-Toole, Markus Krummenacker, EcoCyc: Encyclopedia of Escherichia coli genes and metabolism , Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 26, Issue 1, 1 January 1998, Pages 50–53,


The encyclopedia of Escherichia coli genes and metabolism (EcoCyc) is a database that combines information about the genome and the intermediary metabolism of E.coli . The database describes 3030 genes of E.coli , 695 enzymes encoded by a subset of these genes, 595 metabolic reactions that occur in E.coli , and the organization of these reactions into 123 metabolic pathways. The EcoCyc graphical user interface allows scientists to query and explore the EcoCyc database using visualization tools such as genomic-map browsers and automatic layouts of metabolic pathways. EcoCyc can be thought of as an electronic review article because of its copious references to the primary literature, and as a (qualitative) computational model of E.coli metabolism. EcoCyc is available at

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