Graphical Data Processing Research Study and Experimental Investigation


Duda, R. O., & Munson, J. H. (1967). Graphical-data-processing research study and experimental investigation. STANFORD RESEARCH INST MENLO PARK CA.


The scope of the work under Phase I has been divided into five relatively independent tasks. These are out lined below.

Task A

This task involves the investigation of photographic processing techniques and their electronic equivalent for the simplification of input data. A study has been carried out on the use of unity gamma photographic transparencies for grey scale elimination leading to the suppression of fine detail and the creation of a solid outline around significant features of the landscape. The process may be of practical value for the simplification of aerial photographs before they are fed into a pattern recognition machine.

Task B

A survey will be made of electronic methods of performing pattern recognition. In Sec. III an outline is given of the characteristics of current techniques and the signature ” approach. This will be treated in detail in Report 2.

Task C

A small pattern recognition machine will be constructed capable of modification to various schemes of logic. A compatible set of components based on multi -aperture magnetic cores has been devised , and a general purpose machine is being constructed having an 8 – by- 8 retina 65 multi- level stores , and 5 binary outputs. The mechanical construction work is now 40% complete. Perceptron type logic will be used initially. A paper on the simulation of neural networks with multi-aperture magnetic cores is included.

Task D

Mathematical investigations are being undertaken. These are
divided into Parts (1) and (2), as outlined below.
Part (1 ) –The possible application of certain theorems of integral geometry is being investigated. These provide numerical relations governing such properties of geometrical figures as line length , area , and curvature , which are invariant under rotation and displacement.
Pqrt (2) — An investigation is being made of the logic of practical wiring systems for the improvement of the performance of machines of limited capacity, in specific situations.

Task E

Data storage and retrieval will be studied in relation to the special problems of non-alphanumeric graphical data processing. In Sec. VI , a brief outline is given of the chief areas of interest; a detailed account is deferred until Quarterly Progress Report 2.

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