Klaus: A System For Managing Information and Computational Resources


Hendrix, G. G. (1980). Klaus: A System for Managing Information and Computational Resources. SRI INTERNATIONAL MENLO PARK CA ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CENTER.


This report presents a broad-brush description of the basic goals and philosophy of a research program at SRI International (SRI) aimed at developing the technology needed to support systems that can be tutored in English about new subject areas, and that can therefore aid the initial or subsequent user in filing and retrieving information, and in conveniently applying to the new subject area other computer software, such as data-base management systems (DBMS), planners, schedulers, report generators, simulators and the like. These systems, which we call Knowledge Learning and Using Systems (KLAUS), are intended to act as brokers between the user’s needs, as expressed in the user’s terms, and the resources available in a rich computational environment.

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