Mixed-Initiative Negotiation: Facilitating Useful Interaction Between Agent/Owner Pairs


Berry, P. and Donneau-Golencer, T. and Duong, K. and Gervasio, M. and Peintner, B. and Yorke-Smith, N. Mixed-Initiative Negotiation: Facilitating Useful Interaction Between Agent/Owner Pairs, in Proceedings of AAMAS’09 Workshop on Mixed-Initiative Multiagent Systems, Budapest, Hungary, May 2009.


A mixed-initiative agent for personal time management interacts not only with its human owner but also with other agents and humans that share or depend on the same time commitments. The assistive capabilities of such an agent include the ability to provide information and context for its owner, negotiate on behalf of its owner, and understand when autonomous action is possible, preferred, or expedient. It must operate without losing the trust of its owner or negotiating partners. Since time management is intensely personal, each such human-agent pair will evolve its own characteristics and working practices. This position paper considers how an existing mixed-initiative adaptive time management agent, PTIME, can be extended to the multiagent negotiation setting. We discuss opportunities for facilitating personalized mixed-initiative negotiation protocols and adjustable autonomy through demonstration, instruction, and advice. In addition, we explore user interaction considerations including the provision of explanation to build trust by enabling the owner to understand and correct agent decisions and suggestions.

Key words: mixed-initiative, time management, negotiation, explanation, suggestion, trust

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