Survey of Artificial Intelligence


Work on the present project has resulted in a tentative outline of a portion of the field , and three draft “chapters” have already been written covering the first items in the outline. (The present version of the outline is included as Appendix A of this proposal. It is expected that first draft chapters of most of the items in the outline will be substantially complete by the end of the present project (10 January 1968).
The portion of year that is being surveyed this first year includes those Artificial Intelligence problems for which “search” plays a major role.

The survey is attempting to provide a clear exposition of:
(1 ) How such problems can be initially represented as “search problems , and
(2 ) The various methods for carrying out search efficiently.

Within this framework we shall be able to describe the principles underlying such Artificial Intelligence projects as: The General Problem-Solver (GPS), the Logic Theory Machine (LT), Symbolic Integration (SAINT), Geometry Theorem Proving, Theorem Proving in the propositional and the predicate calculus , and game playing.

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