Using Cellular Network Diagrams to Interpret Large-Scale Datasets: Past Progress and Future Challenges


Peter D. Karp, Mario Latendresse, and Suzanne Paley “Using cellular network diagrams to interpret large-scale datasets: past progress and future challenges”, Proc. SPIE 7865, Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XVI, 78650G (2 February 2011);


Cellular networks are graphs of molecular interactions within the cell. Thanks to the confluence of genome sequencing and bioinformatics, scientists are now able to reconstruct cellular network models for more than 1,000 organisms. A variety of bioinformatics tools have been developed to support the visualization and navigation of cellular network data. Another important application is the use of cellular network diagrams to visualize and interpret large-scale datasets, such as gene-expression data. We present the Cellular Overview, a network visualization tool developed at SRI International (SRI) to support visualization, navigation, and interpretation of large-scale datasets on metabolic networks. Different variations of the diagram have been generated algorithmically for more than 1,000 organisms. We discuss the graphical design of the diagram and its interactive capabilities.

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