Using Information Extraction to Improve Information Retrieval


Bear, J. and Israel, D. and Petit, J. and Martin, D. Using Information Extraction to Improve Information Retrieval, in Proceedings of the Sixth Text Retrieval Conference, Gathiersburg, MD, Nov 1997.


The authors describe an approach to applying a particular kind of Natural Language Processing NLP system to the TREC routing task in Information Retrieval IR. Rather than attempting to use NLP techniques in indexing documents in a corpus, they adapted an information extraction IE system to act as a post-filter on the output of an IR system. The IE system was configured to score each of the top 2000 documents as determined by an IR system and on the basis of that score to rerank those 2000 documents. One aim was to improve precision on routing tasks. Another was to make it easier to write IE grammars for multiple topics.

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