Application of Double Spin Echo Spiral Chemical Shift Imaging to Rapid Metabolic Mapping of Hyperpolarized [1 – 13C]-Pyruvate


Josan, S., Yen, Y. F., Hurd, R., Pfefferbaum, A., Spielman, D., & Mayer, D. (2011). Application of double spin echo spiral chemical shift imaging to rapid metabolic mapping of hyperpolarized [1− 13C]-pyruvate. Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 209(2), 332-336.


Undersampled spiral CSI (spCSI) using a free induction decay (FID) acquisition allows sub-second metabolic imaging of hyperpolarized 13C. Phase correction of the FID acquisition can be difficult, especially with contributions from aliased out-of-phase peaks. This work extends the spCSI sequence by incorporating double spin-echo radiofrequency (RF) pulses to eliminate the need for phase correction and obtain high quality spectra in magnitude mode. The sequence also provides an added benefit of attenuating signal from flowing spins, which can otherwise contaminate signal in the organ of interest. The refocusing pulses can potentially lead to a loss of hyperpolarized magnetization in dynamic imaging due to flow of spins through the fringe field of the RF coil, where the refocusing pulses fail to provide complete refocusing. Care must be taken for dynamic imaging to ensure that the spins remain within the B1-homogeneous sensitive volume of the RF coil.

Keywords: hyperpolarized 13C, dynamic metabolic imaging, pyruvate, spiral CSI

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