Development of a Novel Bioadhesive Microbicide Gel Formulation for Prophylactic Protection against Hiv and Hsv-2

SRI author:


Shankar, G. N., Bhatia, G., & Alt, C. (2014, 28–31 October). Development of a novel bioadhesive microbicide gel formulation for prophylactic protection against HIV and HSV-2. Paper presented at the HIV Research for Prevention (HIV R4P ’14), Capetown, South Africa.


Over-the-counter access to an inexpensive, effective topical microbicide could reduce the transmission of HIV and would increase women’s control over their health and eliminate the need to obtain their partners’ consent for prophylaxis. Chronic infection with herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2), also known as human herpes virus 2, has been shown to facilitate HIV infection and speed the progression to immunodeficiency disease. Our objective is to develop a drug formulation that protects against both HSV-2 and HIV infection and adheres to the vaginal surface with extended residence time.

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