Development of Powder-in-Bottle Formulation of Hydroxyurea with Methylparaben Preservative



Shankar, G. N., Podaralla, S., Mutyam, S., Ware, R., & Parish, H. (2013, 10-14 November). Development of powder-in-bottle formulation of hydroxyurea with methylparaben preservative. Paper presented at the AAPS’13, San Antonio, TX.


Hydroxyurea, a chemically hydroxylated derivative of the symmetrical urea is currently under investigation for  administration to pediatric patients suffering from sickle cell anemia. The PIB clinical formulation contains sodium benzoate as a preservative and needed to be changed because the commercial syrup diluent has replaced sodium benzoate with methylparaben. A 23 screening factorial design matrix with nine different combinations was used to study the compatibility of methylparaben with hydroxyurea and excipients in open cap storage condition (40°C/75%RH) for 4 weeks. The compatibility of hydroxyurea with excipients in closed cap conditions at 30°C/65%RH and 40°C/75%RH storage for up to 6 weeks was also studied. The nine different hydroxyurea blend combinations were tested for physical appearance, thermal properties (differential scanning calorimetry), pH (blend reconstituted in Humco® simple syrup), moisture content, microbial limit testing (MLT), and antimicrobial effectiveness testing (AET). An HPLC method was developed for assaying hydroxyurea.

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