Implications of Cytokine Gene Polymorphisms on the Orchestration of the Immune Response: Lessons Learned from Oral Diseases


Dutra, W. O., Moreira, P. R., Souza, P. E. A., Gollob, K. J., & Gomez, R. S. (2009). Implications of cytokine gene polymorphisms on the orchestration of the immune response: lessons learned from oral diseases. Cytokine & growth factor reviews, 20(3), 223-232.


Over the past 10 years, a plethora of information concerning the influence of gene polymorphisms on cytokine expression has been made available in the literature. Significant contribution to this field has come from studies of oral diseases, one of the widest spread health problems in the world, affecting hundreds of millions worldwide. Here we will discuss the importance of studies of gene polymorphism towards the identification of susceptible groups or prognostic indicators of oral disease. Additionally, we will highlight the differences in data obtained from genetically diverse populations and review the application of cytokine gene polymorphisms studies in oral diseases in autoimmune processes and parasitic infections.

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