Inspiratory Contrast for in Vivo Optical Imaging


Kenneth T. Kotz, Sanhita S. Dixit, Ashley D. Gibbs, Juan M. Orduna, Zishan Haroon, Khalid Amin, and Gregory W. Faris, “Inspiratory contrast for in vivo optical imaging,” Opt. Express 16, 19-31 (2008)


We demonstrate the use of inspired oxygen and carbon dioxide as a possible route to increase contrast in optical imaging of cancerous tissue. Differential imaging in human xenograft rodent models of cancer exhibits significant variation in signal between normal and cancerous tissue. This differential cancer-specific contrast is stronger and more consistent than the conventional static contrast. This differential technique exploits the response of abnormal tumor vasculature to inhaled gases and could provide a promising alternative to supplement mainstream cancer imaging modalities such as x-rays and MRI.

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