mRNA Splicing-Modulatory Pharmacophores: The Total Synthesis of Herboxidiene, a Pladienolide-Herboxidiene Hybrid Analog and Related Derivatives


Lagisetti, C., Yermolina, M. V., Sharma, L. K., Palacios, G., Prigaro, B. J., & Webb, T. R. (2014). Pre-mRNA splicing-modulatory pharmacophores: the total synthesis of herboxidiene, a pladienolide-herboxidiene hybrid analog and related derivatives. ACS Chemical Biology, 9(3), 643-648.


Herboxidiene is a natural product that has previously been shown to exhibit antitumor activity by targeting the spliceosome. This activity makes herboxidiene a valuable starting point for the development of anticancer drugs. Here, we report an improved enantioselective synthesis of herboxidiene and the first report of its biologically active totally synthetic analog: 6-norherboxidiene. The synthesis of the tetrahydropyran moiety utilizes the novel application of inverse electron-demand Diels-Alder chemistry and the Ferrier-type rearrangement as key steps. We report, for the first time, cytotoxicity IC50s for synthetic herboxidiene and analogs in human tumor cell lines. We have also demonstrated that synthetic herboxidiene and its analogs can potently modulate the alternate splicing of MDM-2 pre-mRNA.

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