Building Community & Commitment with a Virtual Coach in Mobile Wellness Programs


Lukin, S.; Youngblood, G.; Du, H.; Walker, M. Building Community and Increasing Commitment with an Artificial Intelligent Coach in Mobile Wellness Programs. Fourteenth International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA 2014).; Boston, MA USA. Date of Talk: 8/27/2014


FittleBot is a virtual coach provided as part of a mobile application named Fittle that aims to provide users with social support and motivation for achieving the users health and wellness goals. Fit- tles wellness challenges are based around teams, where each team has its own FittleBot to provide personalized recommendations, support team building and provide information or tips. Here we present a quantitative analysis from a 2-week field study where we test new FittleBot strategies to increase FittleBots effectiveness in building team community. Participants using the enhanced FittleBot improved compliance over the two weeks by 8.8% and increased their sense of community by 4%.

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