A New Look at Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction (Lenr) Research: a Response to Shanahan


Marwan, J., McKubre, M. C. H., Tanzella, F. L., Hagelstein, P. L., Miles, M. H., Swartz, M. R., … & Forsley, L. P. G. (2010). A new look at low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research: a response to Shanahan. Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 12(9), 1765-1770.


In his criticisms of the review article on LENR by Krivit and Marwan, Shanahan has raised a number of issues in the areas of calorimetry, heat after death, elemental transmutation, energetic particle detection using CR-39, and the temporal correlation between heat and helium-4. These issues are addressed by the researchers who conducted the original work discussed in the Krivit and Marwan (K&M) review paper.

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