An Integrated Field Emission Array for Ion Desorption


Resnick, P. J., Holland, C. E., Schwoebel, P. R., Hertz, K. L., & Chichester, D. L. (2010). An integrated field emission array for ion desorption. Microelectronic engineering, 87(5-8), 1263-1265.


Field emission arrays that are used for ion desorption must be capable of operating at high applied voltages. The large electric fields can lead to dielectric breakdown or electron emission from the gate, both of which may result in catastrophic failure. Methods were developed to fabricate tip arrays with integrated gate electrodes, separated from the substrate with sufficient dielectric to sustain high voltages. To suppress gate electron emission, processes were developed to fabricate geometries that favor high fields at the tip while minimizing the field at the gate.

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