Classification and Selective Collection of Individual Aerosol Particles Using Laser-Induced Fluorescence


Vasanthi Sivaprakasam, Timothy Pletcher, John E. Tucker, Alan L. Huston, Joseph McGinn, David Keller, and Jay D. Eversole, “Classification and selective collection of individual aerosol particles using laser-induced fluorescence,” Appl. Opt. 48, B126-B136 (2009)


We describe the development and performance evaluation of a system for optical interrogation, subsequent selection, and collection of individual aerosol particles entrained in an inlet air stream. Elastic scatter and laser-induced fluorescence obtained from single particles on-the-fly provide compositional information for classification criteria. Individual particles could then be selectively electrically charged and captured to a conductive substrate with an electric potential. The optical subsystem also includes a novel two-beam velocimeter to provide accurate downstream timing. Good overall quantitative performance values are reported for particles in the size range of 1–8 μm1–8 μm at mean rates up to 4 kHz.

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