Electric Power from Artificial Muscles


M. Waki, S. Chiba, R. Kornbluh, R. Pelrine and U. Kunihiko, “Electric Power from Artificial Muscles,” OCEANS 2008 – MTS/IEEE Kobe Techno-Ocean, 2008, pp. 1-3, doi: 10.1109/OCEANSKOBE.2008.4530961.


In this work, as a novel process for use of renewable energy, the authors would like to discuss the possibility of an artificial muscle actuator based on a dielectric electroactive polymer (elastomer). This highly efficient actuator can transform electric energy into mechanical energy (theoretical transformation efficiency of 80 to 90%) with a high energy density of 1.0 W/g. Using the reverse operation for this actuator, it is possible, with current materials, to obtain a maximum output of 0.4 J/g. With this new material, it is not impossible to dream of having an output on the order of 2.0 J/g.

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