Flow Behavior of Glass at the Tip of a Penetrator


Shockey, D. A., Bergmannshoff, D., Curran, D. R., & Simons, J. W. (2009, November). Flow Behavior of Glass at the Tip of a Penetrator. In Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings (Vol. 30, No. 5, p. 19).


Projectiles penetrate glass armor by comminuting material at the advancing tip and forcing the fragments to flow out of the projectile path. Thus, fracture and fragment flow resistance of the glass under high pressure and shear stress control armor penetration. This paper describes a test to observe and measure the shear response of glass powder in a stress environment that simulates conditions in front of a penetrator. The data and observations provide a basis for developing physics-based models useful for computational simulations of penetration scenarios.

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