Laser Desorption Studies Using Laser-Induced Fluorescence of Large Aromatic Molecules


Smith, G.P., Krancevic, B., Huestis, D.L. et al. Laser desorption studies using laser-induced fluorescence of large aromatic molecules. Appl. Phys. B 94, 127–132 (2009).


Pulsed laser desorption of non-volatile organic dye molecules paraterphenyl and tetra-t-butyl-p-quinquephenyl (QUI) was studied using gas phase ultraviolet laser induced fluorescence, following heating of a steel substrate by a pulsed 1.06-µm Nd:YAG laser. The fluorescence signal intensity is linear in concentration up to at least 30 monolayers and shows infrared power threshold behavior, as expected for evaporation, at ∼0.2 J/cm2. Similar signal levels were also observed in air, with 532-nm heating, and using other metallic or dark black surfaces.

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