Load-Deformation Behavior of Nitinol Stents


Simons, J.W., Dalal, A. & Shockey, D.A. Load-Deformation Behavior of Nitinol Stents. Exp Mech 50, 835–843 (2010). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11340-010-9341-7


The rate of fracture of Nitinol stents in the superficial femoral artery (SFA) is higher than desirable. Development of more fracture-resistant stents requires a better understanding of in-vivo loads, how stents deform under these loads, and the influence of the artery on stent deformation. In the work reported here, testing devices were designed and constructed to measure loads in stents undergoing tensile, bending, and torsional deformations. Tests to measure mechanical stiffnesses were performed on stents, mock arteries, and stents emplaced in mock arteries. Significant stent/artery interaction was observed under tension and bending; little interaction occurred under torsion loads. The results are explained by changes in stent geometry under load. The deformation, load, and stent/artery interaction information will be useful in validating finite element codes for designing and analyzing stents.

Keywords: Nitinol, Stents, Deformation, Interaction, Artery, Loading

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