Material Property Requirements for Analysis and Design of Uhtc Components in Hypersonic Applications


Squire, T. H., & Marschall, J. (2010). Material property requirements for analysis and design of UHTC components in hypersonic applications. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 30(11), 2239-2251.


Analytical modeling of thermal and mechanical response is a fundamental step in the design process for ultra-high-temperature ceramic components, such as nose tips and wing leading edges for hypersonic applications. The purpose of the analyses is to understand the response of test articles to high-enthalpy flows in ground tests and to predict component performance in particular flight environments. Performing these analyses and evaluating the results require comprehensive and accurate physical, thermal, and mechanical properties. In this paper, we explain the nature of the analyses, highlight the essential material properties that are required and why they are important, and describe the impact of property accuracy and uncertainty on the design process.

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