Single-Crystalline AlN Growth on Sapphire Using Physical Vapor Deposition


Cardenas-Valencia, A. M., Onishi, S., & Rossie, B. (2011). Single-crystalline AlN growth on sapphire using physical vapor deposition. Physics Letters A, 375(6), 1000-1004.


A novel technique for growing single crystalline aluminum nitride (AlN) films is presented. The novelty of the technique, specifically, comes from the use of an innovative physical vapor deposition magnetron sputtering tool, which embeds magnets into the target material. A relatively high deposition rates is achieved (∼0.2μm/min), at temperatures between 860 and 940 °C. The AlN, grown onto sapphire, is single-crystalline as evidenced by observation using transmission electron microscopy. Tool configuration and growth conditions are discussed, as well as a first set of other analytical results, namely, x-ray diffraction and ultraviolet-visible transmission spectrophotometry.

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