Spatially Correlated Fluctuations and Coherence Dynamics in Photosynthesis


Yu, Z. G., Berding, M. A., & Wang, H. (2008). Spatially correlated fluctuations and coherence dynamics in photosynthesis. Physical Review E, 78(5), 050902.


Recent multicolor photon-echo experiments revealed a long-lasting quantum coherence between excitations on the donor and acceptor in photosynthetic systems. Identifying the origin of the quantum coherence is essential to fully understand photosynthesis. Here we present a generic model in which a strong intermolecular steric restoring force in densely packed pigment-protein complexes results in a spatial correlation in conformational (static) variations of chromophores, which in turn induces an effective coupling between high-frequency (dynamic) fluctuations in donor and acceptor. The spatially correlated static and dynamic fluctuations provide a favorable environment to maintain quantum coherence, which can consistently explain the photon-echo measurements.

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