Collective intelligence in organizations: toward a research agenda


Convertino, G.; Grasso, A.; DiMicco, J. M.; De Michelis, G.; Chi, E. H. Collective intelligence in organizations: toward a research agenda. ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW 2010); 2010 February 6-10; Savannah, GA. NY: ACM; 2010; 613-614.


A new generation of Web tools is penetrating into organizations after their successful adoption within the consumer domain (e.g., social networking; sharing of photos, videos, tags, or bookmarks; wiki-based editing). These tools and the collaborative processes that they support on a large scale are often referred to as Collective Intelligence (CI). The workshop discusses CI tools for collaboration in work-related settings, especially for task forces now increasingly common in industry or government. The aims are refining the problem, summarizing pioneer work on CI, and ultimately develop a research agenda on the problem of supporting CI among workers in organizations. CI studies, tools, and new research methods for studying CI are discussed.

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