Compact and fast read-out for wavelength-encoded biosensors


Bellman, K.; Kiesel, P.; Johnson, N. M. Compact and fast read-out for wavelength-encoded biosensors. Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems VIII; 2010 January 25; San Francisco. SPIE Proceedings 7593: 759302.


Many existing and new optical bio-sensor concepts rely on the detection of small wavelength changes in response to changes of temperature, adhesion of bio-particles, strain, or change in the chemical environment. Special coatings are used to can sensitize them to specifically bound molecules (e.g., biomarkers). We will describe a compact and fast wavelength monitor that can resolve sub-pm wavelength changes. This unit has been characterized by reading out a FBG sensor. We could clearly monitor wavelength changes as small as 50fm with a bandwidth of more than 100Hz.

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