Cross-View Visual Geo-Localization for Outdoor Augmented Reality


Niluthpol Mithun, Kshitij Minhas, Han-Pang Chiu, Taragay Oskiper, Mikhail Sizintsev, Supun Samarasekera, Rakesh Kumar, Cross-View Visual Geo-Localization for Outdoor Augmented Reality, IEEE International Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR), 2023.


Precise estimation of global orientation and location is critical to ensure a compelling outdoor Augmented Reality (AR) experience. We address the problem of geo-pose estimation by cross-view matching of query ground images to a geo-referenced aerial satellite image database. Recently, neural network-based methods have shown state-of-the-art performance in cross-view matching. However, most of the prior works focus only on location estimation, ignoring orientation, which cannot meet the requirements in outdoor AR applications. We propose a new transformer neural network-based model and a modified triplet ranking loss for joint location and orientation estimation. Experiments on several benchmark cross-view geo-localization datasets show that our model achieves state-of-theart performance. Furthermore, we present an approach to extend the single image query-based geo-localization approach by utilizing temporal information from a navigation pipeline for robust continuous geo-localization. Experimentation on several large-scale real-world video sequences demonstrates that our approach enables high-precision and stable AR insertion.

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