Discriminative Genre-Independent Audio-Visual Scene Change Detection


Kevin W. Wilson and Ajay Divakaran “Discriminative genre-independent audio-visual scene change detection”, Proc. SPIE 7255, Multimedia Content Access: Algorithms and Systems III, 725502 (19 January 2009); https://doi.org/10.1117/12.805624


We present a technique for genre-independent scene-change detection using audio and video features in a discriminative support vector machine (SVM) framework. This work builds on our previous work by adding a video feature based on the MPEG-7 “scalable color” descriptor. Adding this feature improves our detection rate over all genres by 5% to 15% for a fixed false positive rate of 10%. We also find that the genres that benefit the most are those with which the previous audio-only was least effective.

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