Spectral Convolutional Networks on Hierarchical Multigraphs


B. Knyazev; G. Taylor; X. Lin; M. Amer, (May 2019), Spectral Convolutional Networks on Hierarchical Multigraphs, International Conference on Learning Representations, Louisiana, May 2019


Spectral Graph Convolutional Networks (GCNs) are a generalization of convolutional networks to learning on graph-structured data. Applications of spectral GCNs have been successful, but limited to a few problems where the graph is fixed, such as shape correspondence and node classification. In this work, we address this limitation by revisiting a particular family of spectral graph networks, Chebyshev GCNs, showing its efficacy in solving graph classification tasks with a variable graph structure and size. Chebyshev GCNs restrict graphs to have at most one edge between any pair of nodes. To this end, we propose a novel multigraph network that learns from multi-relational graphs. We model learned edges with abstract meaning and experiment with different ways to fuse the representations extracted from annotated and learned edges, achieving competitive results on a variety of chemical classification benchmarks.

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