Capturing Culture and Effects Variables Using Structured Argumentation


Murray, K. and Lowrance, J. and Sharpe, K. and Williams, D. and Gremban, K. and Holloman, K. and Speed, C. Capturing Culture and Effects Variables Using Structured Argumentation, in Advances in Cross-Cultural Decision Making, CRC Press, pp. 363-373, June 2010.


The Socio-Cultural Analysis Tool (S-CAT) is being developed to help decision makers better understand the plausible effects of actions taken in situations where the impact of culture is both significant and subtle. We describe the intended use of S-CAT on an illustrative use case, and discuss our use of structured argumentation as a representation technique to capture both culture variables and effects variables. Benefits of this approach include capturing multiple cultural theories and aggregating the forecasts of effects from multiple sources. Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Center, AIC, Modeling Culture, Effects-Based Modeling, Structured Argumentation

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