Video Synchronization and Its Application to Object Transfer


Xiaochun Cao, Lin Wu, Jiangjian Xiao, Hassan Foroosh, Jigui Zhu, Xiaohong Li, Video synchronization and its application to object transfer, Image and Vision Computing, Volume 28, Issue 1, 2010, Pages 92-100, ISSN 0262-8856,


In video post-production applications, camera motion analysis and alignment are important in order to ensure the geometric correctness and temporal consistency. In this paper, we trade some generality in estimating and aligning camera motion for reduced computational complexity and increased image-based nature. The main contribution is to use fundamental ratios to synchronize video sequences of distinct scenes captured by cameras undergoing similar motions. We also present a simple method to align 3D camera trajectories when the fundamental ratios are not able to match the noisy trajectories. Experimental results show that our method can accurately synchronize sequences even when the scenes are totally different and have dense depths. An application on 3D object transfer is also demonstrated.

Keywords: Fundamental ratios, Video synchronization, Camera motion analysis

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