Vision Guided Compression on Low-Bit Rate Channels

SRI author:


Sek Chai; Yingxue Li; Isnardi, M.A.; Kopansky, A., “Vision Guided Compression on low-bit rate channels,” Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP), 2012 IEEE, vol., no., pp.1,1, 27-30 Nov. 2012


Full motion video (FMV) in unreliable, low-bit rate network channels suffers from quality issues such as jitter and block artifacts. In this paper, we introduce Vision Guided Compression (VGC), as a pre-processing technology that can be coupled with standards-based video coding, to provide FMV at low-bit rates. VGC utilizes computer vision algorithms to track salient features and keep them sharp, while non-salient features are lowpass filtered. With this approach, VGC provides an additional spatial parameter to gracefully tune the QoS, while providing FMV and preserving salient visual information.

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