Control of large-scale reconfigurable systems


Crawford, L. S. Control of large-scale reconfigurable systems. Lockheed Martin ATC Colloquium; 2008 March 20; Palo Alto, CA.


The rise in embedded computing, sensing, and actuation is leading to the development of larger scale, distributed, reconfigurable systems in a variety of domains. These systems have many appealing qualities, such as modularity – which confers benefits during both design time and run time – and reconfigurability – the ability to change the system structure for customization purposes, for repairs or in response to environmental conditions or component failure. To reap these benefits, however, the software designed for such complex systems must address a number of challenges in dynamically coordinating and controlling the distributed components. This presentation covers some of these challenges, solutions, and lessons learned during the design and implementation of a prototype highly modular, reconfigurable printing system at PARC.

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