A Prolog Technology Theorem Prover: Implementation By An Extended, Prolog Compiler


Stickel, M. E. (1988). A Prolog technology theorem prover: Implementation by an extended Prolog compiler. Journal of Automated reasoning, 4(4), 353-380.


A Prolog technology theorem prover (PTTP) is an extension of Prolog that is complete for the full first-order predicate calculus. It differs from Prolog in its use of unification with the occurs check for soundness, the model-elimination reduction rule that is added to Prolog inferences to make the inference system complete, and depth-first iterative-deepening search instead of unbounded depth-first search to make the search strategy complete. A Prolog technology theorem prover has been implemented by an extended Prolog-to-LISP compiler that supports these additional features. It is capable of proving theorems in the full first-order predicate calculus at a rate of thousands of inferences per second.

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