Application Patterns for Cyber-Physical Systems

SRI author:


Choi, J.-S., McCarthy, T., Yadav, M., Kim, M., Talcott, C., & Gressier-Soudan, E. (2013, 19-20 August). Application patterns for cyber-physical systems. Paper presented at the IEEE International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems, Networks and Applications (CPSNA ’13), Taipei, Taiwan.


Patterns are of great interest for bootstraping complex systems such as networked cyber-physical systems (NCPS). Inspired by a new programming paradigm based on partially ordered knowledge sharing model for loosely coupled distributed computing and its implementation in our cyber-application framework, this paper studies how to program an NCPS and exploit the capabilities provided by the underlying framework. By identifying common patterns across a variety of use-cases — e.g., cyber-physical game, local anonymous chat, and collaborative brainstorming applications — we focus on design principles of NCPS, identifying the key abstractions, how they interact with the user and the knowledge system, how the ordering among knowledge items can be defined, and what features of knowledge dissemination are the most effective for certain scenarios.

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